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Benefits of doing Vayu Mudra

Naran S Balakumar When the air (index) finger is at the base of the thumb, VAYU MUDRA is formed.

When we need to do this Mudra? When you are panicky, confused and indecisive then you can do this Mudra. When you are impatient and restless you can do this Vayu Mudra. It helps even in stammering. During giddiness you can put this Mudra. When you have VERTIGO or GIDDINESS then be in this Mudra and chant the mantra “OM LAM NAMAHA” When the Dopamine is reduced, PARKINSON will develop. Therefore, for those suffering from Parkinson problem, they can be in this Mudra and chant “TOGETHER ADD ADJUST Dopamine”. This is for HYPER-THYROID also.


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