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Basis of Mudra

NaranWhat is the basis of Mudra? When you touch the tip of a finger with the thumb, you are activating the corresponding element. When a finger is placed on the base of the thumb, the corresponding element is reduced. How do you hold the pen? You use the index finger (ignore the thumb as you will be using it for all the Mudras). You use the pen for writing. Index finger represents thinking mind or rational mind. Thinking is associated with air element. Therefore, index finger represents air element. Which is the biggest finger of all the five? Middle finger - that’s called the ego finger. Ego means mind. When middle finger is joined with index finger, you are activating the rational mind or the thinking mind. Mind is represented by middle finger. Thinking is represented by index finger. So they became thinking mind (middle and index fingers together touching thumb). Your thinking or thought process is activated. If on one side there is thinking, then on another place there has to be emotions. We can’t afford to be without emotions and be like a buffalo isn’t it? Mind represented by water is emotional mind (middle and ring fingers touching the thumb). I am explaining about Mudras from mental point of view. We will look later from physical point of view. If water is there, it has to be in a container. Even our body is a container. Little finger represents earth (container). When we activate earth finger, we can put on weight. You are building (houses) with earth element. Body is a house. How is a body constructed? By earth and water – 70% belongs to water. What is represented by earth in the body? They are bones, skeletal structure, muscles etc. Earth means structure. Your structure is given to the body with the earth element. To make pottery, both water and earth is mixed. Then only good parts will come.


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