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About Mudras

The Language of fingers is based on the Five – Elements theory. The human body is composed of Five Elements, namely Space (Akash), Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Each has a specific function within the body and mind. Space: Is present in between the organs and joints and within the organs. This Element creates space (room) within the body to facilitate the rest of the elements to act. Space is associated with sound and is manifested through the on ears. Air: Is the Element for movement. All movements are governed by this element. Air is related to touch and manifested as skin. Fire:Is the Element for metabolism and maintaining temperature. Fire is for digestion, absorption, and elimination associated with vision and is manifested through eyes. Water: Is the Element is for lubrication and is part of blood, tears, saliva digestive juices, sweat, urine, semen, etc. It is related to taste and is manifested as tongue. Earth: Is the Element for giving structure and solidity to the body. It is the constituent of skin nails, bones, muscles and tissue cells. It is associated with smell and is manifested as nose. Space – Middle finger. Air – Index Finger. Fire – Placing ring finger at the base of Thumb. Water – Ring finger. Earth – Little finger. Humors: Vata : Air & Space Pitta : Air & Fire Kapha : Earth & Water Take Mudras Seriously for Better Effects There are five elements – Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Using these five elements, we can manipulate our life as well as physical problems. To solve physical problems we need perseverance and discipline. We have to sit and do Mudras for a longer period of time and of course we don’t want to do that. When there is a physical problem, we can improve with help of Mudras. We can also meditate using Mudras. We can also form our own Mudras. If we know how it works then we can form our own Mudras. What’s so special about Mudras Mudras are special techniques or locks that are applied in a way that can impact any part our bodies – Pranic, Mental, Emotional and Physical. Like the circulation of the blood, Prana is circulated inside us. We can do Mudras to lock them in any place we want. What’s the specialty of Mudra in healing practices? There are many therapies of healing available. All of them are good in some way. However, they focus on one aspect of our body. For example, Allopathic practices concentrates on physical body only. It does not include the mind of the patient into consideration. So that system has side effects. Neither psychotherapy alone will not work nor can affirmations alone help for physical body problems. Sometimes they do. Though not all the times, for they don’t consider other aspects of human beings. Homeopathy considers all aspects of human beings. However, it’s a complex system. A few people understand so there is lot of failure too. Pranic healing and Reiki healing manipulate the Pranic body only. You can do a lot with Reiki as touch healing is applied and thus body pranic body and mind are  involved. The one therapy that combines body, mind and Prana is Mudras

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