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Abnormality in the vision

Meera Dear Naran S Balakumar I want to share this with you. My mother had an eye condition relating to retina three years ago. She took an intensive treatment and she got all cleared. However, she was highly concerned last month since she was finding some abnormality in the vision and our whole family got extremely upset. I remembered the mantra, “LALITHAM LAMBODARAM LALITHAM BHASKARAM LALITHAM BALACHANDRAM”. I was chanting the mantra non-stop. She went for the specialist appointment and they said she has not got any serious condition whatsoever. It is a small difficulty that she can have checked up this month. It’s apparently some common condition prevailing with old people and so it can clear off on its own. Thanks you so much and the mantras.

Naran One can listen to “The VISION IMPROVEMENT” CD also, which contains this mantra. It is available with the center.


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