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How to Develop a Good Eye Sight

Updated: May 10

Naran S Balakumar

Understand the importance of a good vision First we should bow to Sun, which is the eye of the world. Always, Sun is the known god to everyone. It is the atma of the universe. There is an atma at the individual level and there is one soul or atma which belongs to everybody in the universe and that is Sun. Vision is important to us. Is it possible for us to close our eyes with a piece of cloth and go around this hall? No, it is not possible. We will be confused about our movements. However, we should do this blind-folding and do the walking for at least one minute. Then only we will know the value of our eyes. We will not realize the importance of various organs of our body as well as the eyes until they are functioning well. Eye is more important than anything else in the body. All this is because of my sight. So my sight has to be crystal clear. The sight also should help us to see the god’s Dharshan. Until I die, I should have the same good sight. Only then I will reach the (divine) place, where I aim at. “LALITHAM LAMBODARAM LALITHAM BHASKARAM LALITHAM BALACHANDRAM” Lalitham Balachandram works on the left eye. Lalitham Bhaskaram works on the right eye. Lalitham Lambodaram works on the Sushumna Nadi.

  1. As we keep saying these three mantras, our thoughts will change and our sight will change as well as it will get better.

  2. During an eye operation you can say this mantra a lot.

  3. When you are not sure where to go, then you can say this mantra.

  4. You are finding many hurdles in doing a work and so you are unable to complete it. Then you chant this mantra.


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