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You inherit not just your ancestral property

Vinod My younger brother got into the habit of taking loans with big interest rates. We sold a lot of our properties to get him out of that rut. Now, my elder brother who helped my younger brother get rid of his debt problems is getting much bigger loans. His actions reflect the same behavior of my younger brother. He doesn’t seem to listen to our warnings. What shall I do?

Naran Is your father used to take loans?

Vinod No. He was a government servant. The only loans he will take from his office – to build our house and other such loans the government staff generally take. I never saw it as a harmful behavior. However, my mother used to pledge her jewels on a regular basis.

Naran Both are loans. Loans are loans in whatever form they might be. So chant the mantra, “LALITHAM SREEDHARAM LALITHAM BHASKARAM LALITHAM SUDHARSANAM” projecting it on them by seeing them in your mind. Visualize that they have so much money that they help a lot of people in distress, providing food to the poor, paying fees to their children and so on. What’s the advantage of this method? By changing their past, you are changing their future – even if both of them are not alive now. Thus, you are securing a bright future (lifetimes) for them. Isn’t great gift for them? The advantage here is without any advice your brother will stop taking loans and you will never fall into that trap either. We inherit our parents’ behaviors. Let us make use of their good ones and nullify their bad ones.


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