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You are saved

Oli What is fate? Can we go beyond it? I find all switch words work for me, ’together find count divine’ remove my financial worries, wolf always help me as a best friend, ‘change divine order’ helps to avoid or come out of unwanted situation. But whatever I had done for my love it don’t work. And now a day I give up. Is that not that he is not in my fate? What else can I do?


Oli Can u please explain meaning as I see this word SWING ELATE first time here?

Naran No. Chant and you tell me your experience.

Oli (after 10 days) I chant it and my relationship is over forever. This is my experience.

Naran You are saved.

Explanation from the Mind-Body Mystified II ManualELATE: Transform a setback into progress / benefit; Turn loss into gain UP: Be confident; be in high spirits Swing: be bold and face the situation


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