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How to manage disharmony within a family

Naran S Balakumar

 “CHINTAMANI GRUHANTHASTHAA, SHIVAA, SWADHINA VALLABHA" Audio Pronounciation One must live in the family whether there is a fight or not. We are accustomed to live with the fighting only. If there is no fight, we feel worried sometimes. If the other family is also fighting, we are happy.

What should one do to be harmonious at least in one’s mind? How a typical/ ideal husband and wife should be? Is there any person who can guide us? No human can guide us. But there is one pair, the ideal pair who is harmonious forever. The pair is Shakti and Shiva. What is the secret? They work in the world as if they are the two sides of the same coin. Shiva is light and Shakti is force. Without force, light cannot operate; without light, force is of no use. Shiva cannot act without Shakti and vice versa. They are in the world as if they are under a magic spell. How’s this possible? You must chant their names only as well as their union. That’s the secret. The following mantra will be helpful to win the love of the husband or retain the love of the husband. Retention is very poor nowadays. Before marriage, people love each other even for 10 years so intimately. However, immediately after marriage, the loves start waning. People then will ask you to check the marriage date and re-marry again. True love is the love without ego. ‘I am always lower to her’ – The husband says (i.e.) Shiva says. CHINTAMANI GRUHANTHASTHAA, SHIVAA, SWADHINA VALLABHAA The one who resides in the CHINTAMANI (wish-fulfilling jewel) is the supreme mother. CHINTAMANI means the supreme mind, where she resides and is the one who fulfils our desires. GRUHANTHASTHAA means the house. VALLABHAA means Love. SWADHINA means Nature. Love is your nature. Love is not from the ego but it is from the heart. A CD is also available at the centre. It contains the switch words and affirmations that bring in the harmony. Close your eyes. Feel the presence of Shiva and Shakti in the heart centre. Put the (Pooja) flowers one after the other (mentally). Pray to them with the sincere heart. Go inside the heart. At the centre of the heart, they are sitting as Ardhanadishwara. Offer the flower mentally. Sing the words. Shedding the ego is CHINTAMANI GRUHANTHASTHAA. It is the mind without self-identity, one dissolving into the other, with total disintegration of the ego.


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