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Wisdom tooth saved

Deepa V Bhagat I had recently gone to a dentist for a tooth problem. The doctor advised me that along with my performing a root canal treatment, the adjoining healthy wisdom tooth needs to be removed too. Both would be in one sitting only. I got the same statement from another dentist too at a different clinic. Now, on the day of the appointment, before leaving, I took two (Gem Remedy) BLUE SAPHIRE Pills. I already was sipping water having BLUE SAPPHIRE Pills for 2 days. The one who performed my root canal was not the one who told me to come, but was his assistant, a female dentist. After completing, she told me, there is actually no need for the wisdom tooth to be removed, while giving a reasonable explanation too. At this, I told the main dentist, that I don't want to go for wisdom tooth extraction. He tried explaining but he fell short of good reasoning. So my wisdom tooth was finally saved, thanks to the BLUE SAPPHIRE Pills. Moreover, the assistant did a great job with the root canal treatment. Thank you so much Shobana Madam and Naran Sir for providing the pills. It was the BLUE SAPPHIRE Pills that gave the right advice and not the dentist. I have a major dental work to be done next week crowns and root canals and root caries filling all developed due to Sjogren’s syndrome.

Naran S Balakumar Keep this picture of Blue Sapphire with you. Chant “SLOW CARE TOGETHER DIVINE.”


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