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Updated: Apr 12

The Bach Flower Remedy

Key Words Resentment, bitterness, ‘because’ is the key word, will not forgive or forget.  Feels victimized blaming others always.


  1. Why should it happen to me?

  2. I have not deserved this misfortune.

  3. My efforts are not rewarded.

  4. Life is unfair.

  5. People are utterly ungrateful for the sacrifices I have made.

  6. I feel I am neglected, I am bitter about my ….

  7. My prayers will never be answered.

  8. I feel angry about being cheated by ...

  9. I feel angry with my father because he didn’t let me choose my clothes

  10. I may look better, but I don’t feel better When you hear all the above statements you can easily find out that it is a willow person.

  11. He is always grumbling.

  12. He will not forgive or forget anything.

  13. Willow person always carries a grudge about a situation or a person for years, never trying to resolve it.

  14. The Willow feels he is a victim, i.e. he will not accept responsibility for the situation he is in.

  15. The bitterness may develop due to rejection or humiliation.

  16. The bitterness may develop after loss.

  17. Willow feels resentful towards others or towards life.

  18. Wonders why they have been so unfortunate. This is more so if people around him, are successful and fortunate.

  19. Willow accepts help from others and takes it for granted.

  20. When people think that someone is doing black magic to them. If he is getting old or he couldn’t purchase a house or car, he couldn’t get his promotion, or if he couldn’t do his PhD, he says fate is unfair.


  1. Willow is the essence for conciliation and forgiveness.

  2. To forget and forgive pray to Willow.

  3. Walnut + Willow + Chicory + Cherry plum + Beech forms the Harmony Pack (a combination for harmony). Minimum of 5 pills in water and sprinkle in the house. Add Rescue Remedy to it when someone explodes suddenly.

  4. Willow + Holly – when someone is doing black magic.

  5. Sudden loss of appetite.WILLOW Why should it happen to me: WILLOW I feel that I am singled out by God to suffer:WILLOW I have not deserved this misfortune : WILLOW Fate has treated me unfairly!  Poor me! WILLOW I can't help recalling everyone who had caused me trouble : WILLOW I am angry at others : WILLOW I have aversion to life : WILLOW I start disliking everybody - blaming everybody : WILLOW - Life is unfair including my parents, relatives WILLOW, HONEYSUCKLE. I am angry at past events


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