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Wild Oat

Key Words

  1. Ambitions, dissatisfaction with the present profession, unable to decide anything

Indications to give WILD OAT

  1. He will be eager to do many things at a time but finally gives up in frustration. He can’t find direction in life.  He won’t make a decision soon.  He will be confused about what to do.

  2. He will be confused about the job to take up and then keep changing jobs.

  3. Hanging in the air.

  4. It is indicated during all phases of life when motivation and incentive to play, study or work is missing.

  5. If there is no satisfaction or happiness in anything one does.

  6. Dissatisfaction – this person doesn’t know what gives him satisfaction.

  7. Healer’s Remedy: When a person expresses many symptoms and it is confusing to find the right remedy, Wild Oat helps. After a few days of Wild Oat, he will express the right state of mind.

  8. Wild Oat has ambition, wants to do something but doesn’t know what to do.

  9. He will be doing four or five businesses simultaneously but is not satisfied with them. He wants to start something else.

  10. It is very helpful to choose the correct course of study for students.

  11. With Wild Oat one clearly knows to choose the field of activity. It raises the motivational level in the tasks at hand.

  12. It is useful in all phases of life, when one is stranded.

Expressions where Bach Flower Remedy Wild Oat helps:

  1. “I know that I can do things well but I do not know what to do”.

  2. “I am in a business that makes a good living but I do not like it.”

  3. “I am unable to find direction”

  4. “I lack direction in life”

  5. “I am dissatisfied with the present life situation”

  6. “I really don't know where I fit in”

Combination Remedies For proper planning and working out the plan with joy: WILD OAT + SCLERANTHUS For inculcating morality: WILD OAT + CHESTNUT BUD + WALNUT


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