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Why finding harmony is difficult in a family?

Naran S Balakumar Harmony is a must in the family. If you don’t receive anything from any friendship or relationship, we will leave that. That is the nature of man. Even disharmony (i.e.) fighting and quarrelling will happen in the family. But he will maintain the family because you are getting something. That’s why we want fighting also and we want to be in the family also. Outwardly, we will say that there is no peace but only disharmony. This desire deletes so many things from our mind.

Why all the desires are not happening to us?Desire to receive is to be balanced by desire to give. It is not there with all of us. There’s one millionaire. He made one announcement that he want to distribute all his money to thousands of people. Each will get one lakh rupees. People will be called in an open space and ask the people to stand in a queue. The queue’s a huge one. All the people kept silent. Standing in the queue, he made an announcement that the first person will get one rupee, second person will get two rupees and so on. After the tenth person, it will get doubled. The eleventh person will get 1000 rupees and so on. So the last person will get 1 lakh or 10 lakhs. Every one tried to go back. Nobody came forward to get the money. That is how we run the life. Always wanting to receive something and always wanting to change the life. It cannot happen. We have to change in our mind. When the mind changes, everything will change outside. But we always want to change everything from outside. Think from this angle. When your mind quietens, all techniques will be helpful to you. For some people, one problem may remain unsolved. The rest of the problems may get solved. All the techniques were working for other problems except one. It means that in that area, the person’s not changing. The words, animal spirits and the Bach flowers are divine tools. Allow the (particular) divine tool to work for you by surrendering your desire. There is nothing wrong in desiring anything. But don’t go after the result. Do all the methods. Whatever results come, accept it and say, “There is nothing as last moment” You feel that it has not worked means that you have put an end to it. When something is not working, you put an end to it. Whatever techniques you use and you get frustrated since it does not work, that is the time to surrender. You should not conclude that it will not happen.


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