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Where Eagles Dare

David Francis

Dear Naran

I’m a regular follower of your newsletters and have used some of the techniques that you wrote about in some of your newsletters.

As mentioned in one of your newsletters on animal spirits - I wanted your support in understanding the same.

This incident happened to me today. I generally sit for meditation on a regular basis in the mornings.

Today while I was meditating suddenly I saw bird and from the look of it I understood it as an eagle.

The eagle came directly towards me and entered my heart and stayed there. As it was entering my heart I saw a couple of horses there.

I request you to explain to me the meaning of this thought that had come to me this morning.


From the mail, I understand that you had the visualisation of eagle and horses.

Eagle always means spiritual progress. Horse means opportunity. There is an opportunity for you to grow spiritually.

You have to discern a spiritual meaning to the event happening now.

There is some anger and resentment you are harbouring now. You have to release the anger and forgive a person.

Your past resentment is blocking your spiritual progress.

Best of luck and continue the meditation.

David Francis

Thank you very much for your response.

I feel much relieved after reading your mail.  It’s indeed inspirational.

As suggested will continue my meditation and will also work in finding out about the resentment that I’m holding and also find out the person or event that I’m angry about and forgive.

Once again I would like to thank you for your time and counsel.


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