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Help from Animal Spirit Guides to Find Money

Naran S Balakumar KANGAROO – Keep the picture of Kangaroo and you will come out of the past failures. CAMEL – fear of not getting the money as even in challenging times, one should remain positive. TORTOISE– whether I can approach A or B? Whom should I approach money? Tortoise is the solution provider. Keep it under the pillow or look at the picture. Looking at the picture of Tortoise, one can chant, “SLOW CARE LISTEN ON” DRAGON – it will remove all the obstacles in every aspect of business. OCTOPUS – when you have heavy loss, use octopus to recover. It can be used to treat the cancer; to recover the patients from cancer and regenerate the cells. DEER – when you feel weaker and think, ‘I cannot endure anymore’, ‘ my struggle is endless’, or ‘how long this will continue?”, keep the picture of Deer. By keeping the deer picture, you can have a 360 degree view. Then keep a picture of Tortoise which will provide the solution to you. PYTHON – when you are squeezed by debtors, python will give you some space. WHALE – when there is an inconsistency in learning, whale can be helpful. WOOD PECKER – when your earnings are inadequate, wood pecker can be helpful. It denotes perseverance, persistence.


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