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When troubles pass we forget the blessings

Updated: Mar 3


Dear Naran, Today, I visited your website after many days and was pleasantly surprised to see the blog back. I looked at some of old mails to you and the way you have responded in my times of need. It is amazing!! What all experiences and times you have been there with me!!! I have confided in you at times more than anybody else in the world. How much you have given me!!! I love you!!! I am so deeply grateful for all love and support in the face of the perpetual troubles – big and small. 

Ever since I found your blog, my life has almost invisibly and gently improved for the better. I have had many miracles, many blessings, many glorious experiences and I am so grateful for every one of them until this point. I look forward by your blessings, the blessings of all compassionate beings, enlightened beings and gods. When troubles pass, we forget the blessings. It’s an eternal human frailty. So, when I feel a moment of pure gratitude, I want to thank you and not leave in unsaid...god bless you!!

I look forward again to read your blogs. I wish you happiness, health and love. Do keep your love and blessings on me and my loved ones. LOVE THANKS PRAISE DIVINE


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