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  1. I welcome this terrible guilt. I release this guilt. Naran: Is it still there? Saroja: Yes. More than guilt, fear is there. Naran: What are the thoughts in your state of fear? Saroja: If he comes to know I will be doomed. This thought is obsessing me. Naran: Fearing something means unconsciously or secretly means that we want this to happen. Do you want your life to be doomed by your husband? Saroja: No. Naran: Then accept it and release it.

  2. I release my wanting to be doomed. Saroja: Sir, my fear is, if he comes to know, he will abuse me. I will be not allowed to see my parents and brother.

  3. I accept that I want to be physically abused by my husband. I let go of this fear.

  4. In addition, I let go of my desire to be abused by my husband.

  5. I want to stop meeting my parents. I accept this desire and let go of my desire to stop meeting my parents.

  6. I release my state of insecurity because I am safe.Repeat. Saroja: I feel better.  I feel comfortable. Naran: Why do you want to present a watch to your brother on his birth day? Saroja: I am happy to see him happy. Naran: How do you know that your gift will make him happy? Saroja: He does not have one. Naran: Your gift will make him love you better. Saroja: Yes. I want to feel loved by him. I need his love. Naran: Accept your need and desire for his love and release.

  7. I accept that I need his love and there is desire for his approval. I release my desire for his approval.Repeat. Will you be ready to tell your husband about this? Saroja: No. Naran: Release again you insecurity. Saroja: There still some fear.

  8. I release my insecurity. Saroja: Instead of him coming to know about this, I think rather it is better for me to tell him. On the day of the incident, she describes in her own words My fear started increasing.  There was tension in the stomach.

  9. I accept there is tension in the stomach. I release my tension in the stomach.My body was becoming heavy.

  10. I accept my body is becoming heavy. I release the heaviness.I am ok now.

  11. I accept that I am ok. I release this okay feeling.

  12. Will he shout at me if I tell him about the watch gift? Let go, let go.Silence for a few seconds.

  13. I can’t face his eyes. Let go, let go.Some more silence.

  14. How do I tell him? Let go, let go.Silence again. I gave the cup of coffee to my husband. My hands become cold.

  15. I accept my hands had become cold. I release the cold sensation in my hands.My hands shivered.

  16. I accept that I am shivering and I release this shivering sensation.

  17. I release my state of insecurity (I repeat this affirmation few times). Suddenly all my fears were gone and I became curious to know how he will react when I tell him about the watch gift. After taking the coffee, suddenly my husband asked me, “Your brother phoned up. It seems every year you buy him a gift. He asked me to remind you. What is your plan for this year?” “I am planning to buy him a watch”. Lot of happiness joy enthusiasm fills me up.

  18. I accept that I am joyful. I release my joy. “That is a good idea. We will buy one. “I told him easily, “I have already saved Rs.1200/- towards that“. “Fantastic, then we will buy the watch today itself”. When I went inside to change my dress there was joy and happiness.

  19. I accept I am joyful. Can I release this joyful state? Yes. I release my state of joy. I release my happiness.When I released my feelings of joy, an aura of peace was there, which can’t be described in words.


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