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Silence Your Conscious Mind Activate Your Subconscious Mind

Naran S Balakumar We always the questions, ‘Why this problem to me?’ “Why me?” When you ask those questions, sometimes you might get an answer also. When you say “why the problem for me only?” you will be in the state of the problem itself. Whatever the conscious mind says, the sub-conscious mind will pick up immediately. When you say ‘why I got the money now?”, even if you don’t have money now, the conscious mind cannot object it. So it becomes silent. When the conscious mind becomes silent, the subconscious mind sees that you get the money. It will work for you to get the money. That is the reason ‘WHY’ is added. Why I am pain free? Why I am free from constipation? For anything you want, first write as if it happened. Then add ‘WHY’. Why he agreed to sell the property? Why did he agree to give my share?


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