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(W)rite Method to Find Money

Naran Mani gave loans to relatives for their studies and other expenses. Nobody took interest to give back the money owed by them. He resigned his present job.  He had taken some loans from the company, which he had to return before his last day. His wife took a loan for 4.5 lakhs. He had to find one more lakh of rupees. Every day without any expectation he wrote 3 pages of the switch words, “TOGETHER FIND DIVINE ORDER COUNT NOW DONE” Within a month, the relatives paid the money themselves. He could payback the loan as well as the balance of 1 lakh rupee to the company easily. Advantage of writing an affirmation:

  1. You want the thing to happen.

  2. Dedication is required to write.

  3. Sitting and writing three pages of affirmation requires some effort. So it works better.

  4. Not expecting a result also. Though he did not believe, he decided towrite it. “If it doesn’t work it’s ok. I always have Naran to be blamed”J Explanation TOGETHER: whether to fight with his relatives or not. He had a confusion nature and he doesn’t want to confront them to return the money owed by them. DIVINE ORDER: if they didn’t give back the money, the money has to be given from his pocket, a tricky situation to handle FIND, COUNT, NOW DONE: money has to be found now


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