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How to visualize getting money

Naran S BalakumarUse Cannon Ball Tree Flower – Flower For Prosperity-Consciousness…

How and when to use this flower? How to use this flower to get money? What type of meditation can be helpful using this flower to get money for our requirements? The basic mistake all of us do when we have to pay our debts or when we have expenditure to make or when we are hard-pressed for money; we concentrate and spend all our efforts in getting Money.  Our mind is looking for ways of receiving money either by book or crook. When money is available as freely as “Prana”, the underlying hidden message is “give and be given”.

How to give?Stop Visualizing Getting Money. Visualize To Give Money Meditate on this flower; allow it to fill up all your chakras and mentally start giving the money that you have to give. Mentally spend the money. Give all the money that you owe to others (when you are in debts). Mentally pay your children’s fees, if you need money for that. When you have lost money or when somebody is not giving money due to you, don’t think about the loss or him. Thank him. Pray for his wealth and goodness. Think why you need that money. If the money you want from him is for some expenses or for paying some of your debts, mentally pay them. Visualize the money flowing out through your hands to those whom you have to pay. Mentally fulfil all your money commitments daily, meditating on this flower.


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