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Violet Flame Past Life Healing - Experience

Last whole year I was worrying about a particular fact and my only state of mind was worrying worrying worrying...

After my father's demise in October, I was really stressed and that worrying thought doubled.

Then one day during November, I thought of doing violet flame which always works for me like a miracle and continued daily and it's been two months and still I am doing it on a daily basis.

After doing it on daily basis, I am able to feel the difference in my way of thinking and I stopped worrying and started to divert myself and do many things by keeping myself busy.

Violet flame is protecting and guiding me in each and every moment.

I am happy and able to analyse the transformation I have made.

In my life, at one point of time I was in that worrying state which has always been helped by a past life healing method - violet flame.

This past life healing - violet flame method has been helping me for the last 10 years starting from my marriage till now whenever I am feeling low or worrying.


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thanks for sharing! that's great!

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