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Value of Forgiveness - Part 3

A 50 years old lady got married at the age of 16 and has a daughter of 30 years old. From the age of 24 years, the girl’s family is in search of the right bridegroom. Regularly they were consulting and taking religiously all remedies.

Suddenly a problem popped up. They have a huge family property. The Lady’s brother, sister-in-law wanted to take the entire property and claimed that the lady has already received enough through her father and she is no more entitled to receive any share from that property.

This quarrel went on for some time and suddenly they stopped talking with each other. The lady consulted Naran.

Naran: Who is more responsible for creating this problem?

Lady: My brother is okay. My sister-in-law is bad and cunning person, and she is responsible for creating all this havoc.

Naran : Along with Bach Flower remedies, do forgiveness exercise for your sister-in-law.

I XXXX forgive you (sister-in-law name), please forgive me and release me.

For a moment, the woman resisted and then agreed as she is regularly consulting Naran for many years.

Lady: Yes sir. I will do forgiveness exercise.

Naran : You have to do forgiveness for your sister-in-law atleast 500 times a day. You can split it and do it daily.

Woman did forgiveness daily to her sister-in-law for 3 months. Nothing happened. But she continued the forgiveness.

In the fourth month, a bridegroom visited their house and within the same day, marriage got fixed.

The situation with the family property dispute remained same even now. She consulted again.


When you forgive your sister-in-law, do not expect her to change. But understand, your sister-in-law helped you to ascend to divine state. When you ascended to the Divine state, your daughter’s marriage got fixed.

When you are in the state of ego, you remain closed.

When you give up the ego, you are open to receive. Any aspect of life can be improved upon.

Divine has got so many ways to give you.

Don’t have your eye on the family property share.

Divine always gives whatever is NEEDED for you.

This forgiving exercise taught you to open to the grace of Divine.

“When you open up to give, you create a space to receive.”

You create a space to receive the Divine grace in whatever way Divine wants and not to your liking or want.

What is the benefit of forgiving your sister-in-law?

Forgiving the sister-in-law helped you to get your daughter married.

Human mind always wants to have some benefit of each and every action.

In a problem, if you claim the other person is wrong and bad, you imply your are good. Forgiveness keeps both of you in the same pedestal.

“Please forgive me and release me” in the forgiveness statement addresses the atman and not to the person.

Divine has got so many ways and means through which you can receive. People who are quarrelling or antagonising with you are instruments of the Divine.

When you understand the deeper meaning of forgiveness, you will forgive wholeheartedly.


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