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Value of forgiveness - part 2 (Success story)

Updated: Apr 25

When you open up to give, you create a space to receive.

A working woman aged 35 yrs consulted for her official problem. A terrible misunderstanding between herself and her boss. Every day the boss targeted her and gave continuous trouble.


Do forgiving exercise.

I XXX forgive you (Boss name). You please forgive me and release me.

Lady : I did not do anything wrong. Why should I forgive him?


You will understand when you forgive. First be open to receive. Resistance to open is nothing but unwilling to try new things.

Do this forgiving exercise daily for 100 times and come back next month.

The lady came back after 2 months.

Lady : I had been trying to get pregnant for the past few years and but in vain. First time, my IVF treatment got successful.

Naran :

What do you understand from this?

Are you still angry with your boss?


Yes. There is no change in her behaviour or attitude.

I am unable to forgive her.

Just because you asked me to do forgiveness exercise I did mechanically.

Naran :

Initially you resisted to forgive, but you are forgiving her now. Shall I give you the benefit of forgiving her?

Your boss is the instrument of the Divine.

When you did forgiveness,

First part- “I XXXX forgive you YYY (boss name)” addressing the person- boss.

Second statement – “You please forgive me and release me” addresses to the person’s inner Atman/soul.

It is not addressing to the conscious mind of the person, you are not asking forgiveness from that person. That person is a mask, instrument of Divine. Divine is coming and giving a problem to you through that person, you can either choose to go to soul level or stick on to ego level.

Second statement is coming from your atman to his atman. At the Atman level, everybody is the same.

Because of the second statement, you have conceived now through IVF. You may or may not mend your relationship with the boss. The objective of this healing is to heal your anger, hatred, irritation, become neuter with your boss and not to expect her to change.

Just understand that, forgiving her atman, you are receiving something good in some aspect of your life.

Some other aspect of your life will open if you forgive all the people.

Problem at work is one aspect, you have many aspects in life. Interpersonal relationship issue at workplace is one part of life, when you did forgiveness, you have opened up to the other part of life- pregnancy.

Your boss has become the instrument of the Divine. She has created a problem. By forgiving her, she has helped you with opening up the other part of life. She has served as an instrument of Divine and blessed you with the child.

Now tell me, will you continue forgiving your boss or not?

Lady: Yes Sir, I will continue.

Naran: When you continue forgiving her, every month you will have good results about the pregnant child.

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