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Umbrella of Hope and Protection

B In our group chanting of Narayaneeyam we were praying for Uttarakhand. As told by you in some earlier classes we projected Violet Umbrella over Uttarakhand and Violet Wall along the river bank so that water do not overflow and prayed that nature brings that excess rain and water to drought areas. To reduce overheat we chanted “OM HREEM TAHA” Mantra for some time and immediately every one of us experienced some sudden chilliness in that area. We also chanted “PRANAVA ROOPINI” mantra also for some time. This happened on 22nd and we decided to chant and all are chanting individually in the night for some time. Now continuously in Chennai for the past 3 days there is rain for at least 1/2 an Hour in some of the areas. Thank you very much for your Divine Service to the mankind and world.I pray this service to go a long way in future also in all the fields so that all are happy. Love Thanks Divine!!!

Naran Very good! Continuechanting the Pranava Roopini mantra – it will bring a lot of changes in personal life also.

Explanation of Violet Flame Violet flame is equivalent to Lord Agni (fire) mentioned in ancient Indian Rituals. It has a lot of healing powers. When there are floods you can do as mentioned above. It will protect us.


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Naran S Balakumar “OM HOWM VUM JOOM SAHA” Think about any place which is vulnerable to earth quake and chant this mantra. All the people in that area will be safe.  The earth quake will go unnoticed.

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