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Get blessings of ancestors and avoid nature’s calamities too

Naran S Balakumar “SHANKARRAYA MAYASKARAAYA SHIVAAYA SHIVATHARAAYA NAMAHA” Need to pronounce the Rudram properly During Shivaratri, the Rudram (from Vedas) will be chanted in a lot in the temples. The interesting thing about Vedas is that we won’t be able to understand them and you don’t need to understand them either. However, if you can pronounce those mantras correctly, then your mind cannot get diverted anywhere else. Within Rudram is the Shivaaya mantra mentioned above. Get the blessings of our ancestors We need a mantra which gives the effect of chanting Vedas and at the same time, it should contain within four words. This Shivaaya mantra has those features. What’s the specialty of these four words? Through these four words we can get the blessings of our ancestors. We will also get connected to them. The connection signifies nothing but our gratitude towards them. If our ancestors are happy, then devas (semi-gods) also will become happy. Only on the satisfaction of our ancestors, devas will automatically get satisfied. Devas are nothing but the nature. For nature to be aligned with us, we need the blessings of our ancestors or Pitru. How to chant this mantra? In the evening, if you chant the mantra around 5 PM – time of Pradosham, it can be chanted by anybody. Shiva means peace – Dynamic Divine Calm. For one minute chant it loudly. You don’t worry about what others will think when you do so. The second minute you say it silently. Third minute, just meditate on the mantra. Shiva is fond of Abhishekam, because he lives among fire and heat. So visualize doing an Abhishekam for Shiva and chant the mantra. It becomes more effective then.


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