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Treat food allergy

ASHMOM Regarding my daughter’s health I am concerned. It seems her food allergy problems had resurfaced. We are also looking to go to abroad as Doctor said food allergies have better treatment there.

Naran For allergic situations, chant “CHAM, JAM” for your daughter. This will improve her circulation. Tapping solution

  1. Tapping will reduce allergy.

  2. Ask your daughter to hold any food item that causes allergy and tap on the tapping points while she say, “I accept myself totally”.

  3. After finishing 7 rounds with this statement, tap with another statement, “CANCEL Allergy images FIND fill cell memories WITH images of LOVE AND LIGHT”.

  4. Do this for 7 rounds.

  5. Do this daily for a minimum period of 21 days.

ASHMOM My children are quiet young (3 and 1 yr.) to do tapping or speak on their own?

Naran Print a copy of the tapping points, available in the internet.Write the name of your daughter, on the paper. Visualizing her, while tapping the points on the paper and affirming the statements.

Explanation The switch word CANCEL clears those dark images of allergy and replaces it with light and love energy. You are programming your cells and thus your body to be anti-allergic.


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