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Travel Safety

Naran Combination: ELM, GORSE, CLEMATIS, ROCK WATER, RESCUE REMEDY, STAR OF BETHLEHEM, TURQUOISE (gem remedy) Protection from accidents related to fire: ELM A negative ROCK WATER person will invite accidents. The magic property of ROCK WATER will protect you from accidents and getting hurt. Where there is RESCUE REMEDY there will be no emergency After-Accident Remedies Emergency Remedy – for Accidents, Surgery: RESCUE REMEDY At the time of accidents pray to STAR OF BETHLEHEM. It neutralizes any form of “Energetic trauma”, restoring the self-healing mechanism of the body. Dr. Edward Bach - “There may be an unconscious shock lodged in the system, blocking everything”. In case of Amnesia after an accident or injury: WHITE CHESTNUT


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No tickets are available

Naran S Balakumar When it is a season time, say summer holidays, and you do not have a chance of getting a ticket, (Bach Flower Remedy) GORSE will help you.

Traveler’s Joy

Naran S Balakumar “How to travel without getting bored" Chant “CLEMATIS” for 101 times over a glass of water and drink it. You will start enjoying your current moment(s). Client While travelling fro

Get a comfortable seating while travelling

Client I was travelling in a bus, which was more or less full. Somehow, I managed to get a seat. It is three-seated. However, the problem is that the other two persons were taking more space and I fo


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