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Get a comfortable seating while travelling

Updated: May 10

Client I was travelling in a bus, which was more or less full. Somehow, I managed to get a seat. It is three-seated. However, the problem is that the other two persons were taking more space and I found it difficult to sit comfortably. I did SPACE MUDRA (tip of thumb touching middle finger on both the hands). After 10 minutes of doing the Mudra, the driver went over a speed breaker and the whole bus got jolted. We flew in the mid-air for a second and came back to our sitting positions. Amazingly, now sitting was comfortable for everybody concerned. Nobody was sitting cross-legged and taking up more space. The Space Mudra has provided space to everybody.

Does doing space Mudra regularly will expand our horizons bringing in more customers, more business and expand our potential?

Naran S Balakumar Yes, it can. Chant “OM HAM NAMAHA” while doing the Mudra.


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