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There is nothing to fear in this world

Updated: Mar 30

Naran S Balakumar Left to the individual, he may have all the (necessary) faith. But, you are not alone in this world. You are part of your family. There is a combination of remedies for cancer. I can guarantee that it definitely can heal cancer. The person to whom I give the remedy may also have trust and faith in that. But, his family members mayn’t have the trust and may constantly spoil his faith. Yet the results are dependent on the grace of the divine, irrespective of our faith or (power of) the combination. When the grace of the divine is present, it will happen in any way. We have to take the effort faithfully. Effort is in our hands but not the result. Think “Let me follow what I believe. Let God takes me wherever he wants”. ASHTAMURTI AJA JAITHRI” – which means “Divine! Relieve all my darkness. Relieve all my Agyan – ignorance”


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