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How to chant the Ramam Mantra

And the glory of Lord Hanuman…

Naran S Balakumar

Learn to see the inside beauty of a person Hanuman is a great soul even though he is born as a monkey. He is a great exponent of words. When you look at the body of a person, you need not be able to judge the soul of the person. In that way, Hanuman’s is a great soul. He is ego-less as he has surrendered everything to Lord Rama. However, he has a face of a monkey. That’s why we shouldn’t see the outside beauty of a person, but should look at the inside beauty of a person.

An expert in Vedas Hanuman is an expert on Vedas. He has learnt all Vedas. He had learnt it from Sun God. When Sun wondered whether Hanuman can follow him and listen to his recitation, Hanuman replied to him saying that he will keep one ear in the east and another one in the west and will manage to listen to Sun God reciting Vedas. Sun was moving and within 12 hours Hanuman learnt all the Vedas. Hanuman is such a wonderful soul.

Master Communicator Hanuman knows what to say, how to say and how much to say. As per the Valmiki Ramayana, he wonders before meeting Sita, ‘What language should I use – will I use the local slang of Hindi spoken in Ajodhya? And what words should I use?’ He decided the language – common folk’s language, to speak with Sita and what words he will speak when he approaches her in Lanka. Ravana knows all languages and so he has to speak in a language unknown to him. He starts the story of being the messenger of Rama slowly. From the way he speaks, Sita understands that he has to be the child of Lord Vayu (air) Bhagavan. She is convinced about him. He steps forward by one foot, to fall at her feet. However, Sita got scared.

Ramam Manoharam Manoharam Ramam She told him, “I am convinced about the words you have spoken so far. At the same time I am worried whether you are one of goons sent by Ravana. Please go away”. Then Hanuman starts describing Rama as a beautiful person, who is a personification of Samudrika Lakshanam. He described, “His eyes are softer than the petals of a lotus flower, which can attract others like a bee to a flower. Hey daughter of Janaka, let me describe the praise-worthiness of Rama, and you please hear it and trust me”. Then Sita starts believing and trusting Hanuman.

Sita refuses to go with Hanuman Hanuman told Sita to come with him so that he can take her to Rama. To show his prowess he shows her his true gigantic figure. Sita replied to him, “I wanted to see your gigantic figure of yours. If you take me home, it is show of greatness of yours, but not of Rama. Rama has to take me home. That will salvage his name. So let him come and take me home”. This is the part of Ramayana where Sita’s character is highly established.

How to chant the Ramam Mantra This mantra helps the child-less people to conceive. For those who are single, this mantra will help them get married. When you chant this mantra bring Rama, Lakshman and Sita in your heart and imagine as though Hanuman is chanting along with you. Then the mantra will go from your heart and will touch Hanuman’s feet.


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