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The work of unseen divine physician once again!!!

Lung fluid no more Sarojini met Naran last week for the first time, after coming across his blogs in WordPress. Before meeting him, she hasn’t come across the healing techniques that he teaches. Two days after the meeting, she called Shobana around noon. She made an urgent request to her to suggest remedies for her friend’s son, who was admitted in a hospital for his breathlessness and fever. He was diagnosed as having fluid in the lungs because of infection. Unfortunately, the child’s suffering increased as he had developed a high temperature too. The child’s parents were in a dilemma. They didn’t have the required money for the surgery (tapping the liquid out).They could not ask anybody for a loan of Rs.2 lakhs. If the money was not deposited, the child would not be operated. They were in tears and praying the Almighty to help them. Under these circumstances, they contacted Sarojini and Sarojini suggested to them what was given by Shobana. Shobana asked Sarojini to chant the remedies: SWEET CHESTNUT (only divine can help now), RESCUE REMEDY (to handle the emergency) and RED CHESTNUT (as Sarojini and her friend were worried about the child’s health). Sweet chestnut and Rescue Remedy were written on a slip of paper and kept under the pillow of the child. Both Sarojini and her friend chanted madly throughout the day. First the fever came down drastically and in the night, the child was having a normal temperature. Next day, another doctor checked the child. He asked for a fresh diagnosis as the temperature of the child had become normal by then. It was found during the second diagnosis that the lungs became free of the fluid and the child was breathing normally. He was discharged immediately to the amazement of everyone.

Naran Within 24 hours of chanting the child’s lung fluid disappeared. How? The mother of the child doesn’t know anything about Bach Flower remedies. Neither did she know about me or Shobana nor about my healing background. Her sister asked her to chant the names mentioned in a paper and she just chanted, and chanted them without asking why. She didn’t know about the effect of chanting on others. Yet, she chanted. She didn’t ask how many times to chant. She chanted it as many times as she can. She did not ask whether this was enough. She did not ask what it was and how they would work. She did not ask whether these names can help cure a critical condition. She did not ask whether to write in red ink or in blue ink. In fact, she didn’t count how many times she chanted. She simply chanted, and chanted the names of the remedies throughout this period. She kept the paper, where the names of the remedies have been written, under the pillow of her child. She didn’t know why this paper has to be kept so and neither she was eager to know it. Her mind was focused purely on doing what she was asked to do by Sarojini. She chanted and chanted without asking whether she had to do anything else. She simply did just one thing and one thing only. Thus, she just did that one thing….BELIEVING, TRUSTING and SURRENDERING to the DIVINE REMEDIES and Merging Her Mind, Body and Soul on the Chanting Process. And Divine Took Care of Her Child!!!


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