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Help to manage a Root Canal Treatment

Naran S Balakumar Let us say you have wanted to do a root canal treatment. To find the right dentist: (Bach Flower Remedy) CERATO Remove the fear of surgery: MIMULUS (the expenses will be within your budget) Just before and immediately after surgery: RESCUE REMEDY To find the source of money: (Animal Spirit Guide) SQUIRREL To make sure you get the right treatment: SLOW CARE Proper co-ordination in the hospital: TOGETHER DIVINE For any dental treatment: BLUE SAPPHIRE

Case History A famous doctor in 1970s was doing a surgery after opening up his belly. He found an abscess whose size was as big as 50% of a football. Without any modern day surgery kit, he was able to do the surgery successfully. That is the example of the switch words “SLOW CARE”.

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