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The Bach Flower Remedy Agrimony

The PeacemakerKey words I want peace of mind; mental torture, worry, concealed from others Message

  1. You will get a true friend, if you are true to yourself Indications

  2. Cheerful, jovial and humorous in the company but depressed when alone

  3. By all means,avoids being alone. Adopts peace to be in company of people. Though under tension within.

  4. Doesn’t like to argue and thus he will avoid an argument and so gives up his viewpoint easily

  5. Desires harmony and peace

  6. Hides his worries from others. Will do anything to hide them. So his true feelingsareunknown to others.

  7. Grieves over little things they failed to do, for e.g., as simple as forgetting to call back or post a letter or unsuccessful sexual encounter

  8. Have big desires but acts as thoughhe has very little desires

  9. Agrimony is dual in existence – on one side makes attempts to pretend, while on the other side masking his unpleasant side. Good outside, but bad inside, where the bad side may not be known to others.

  10. Does anything to hide worry – smoking, drinking etc

  11. Likes to be in the company of others

  12. Thinks one way, but feels other way

  13. Likes – live peacefully, please all the people, do a great deal

  14. Escapes into: Movies, parties or actions of any kind

  15. Ignore the flaws of partner

  16. Dislikes: any dispute or discord

  17. Agrimony’s avoidance is a type of control over his emotions.More and more a person controls finally he will lose control or he will always have a fear of losing control. Some of the expressions which point to Agrimony are:

  18. I am averse to talk about my problems hence I hide my worries orproblems from others putting up a smiling face

  19. I silently bear my sufferings

  20. To forget my problems, I work overtime

  21. My friends think that I am social and extrovert. But I only know my problems.

  22. When alone in the night, I start worrying. During day time I forget.

  23. I like to be always in company

  24. During grief, I cry in my room, but I smile outside

  25. I am averse to talk about my problems hence I hide my worries orI silently bear my sufferings Usage

  26. It can be given to all those who masturbate

  27. People around you will become true friends

  28. You will be able to discuss everything including your problems, openly with others

  29. You won’t pretend neither will youmask your feelings

  30. Agrimony can be very helpful in true communication – Beech + Agrimony

  31. Teenagers –conflicting thoughts and emotions – Agrimony will be helpful to resolve them.

  32. For children who could not express the intimidation they experience in school.

  33. For people who lie – along with chestnut bud

  34. Agrimony for any physically sensitive pain as suppressed emotional pains are expressed as physical pains

  35. Pulling hair, biting nails, grinding teeth, skin rashes – Internal restlessness

  36. To keep peace, to avoid conflict, hide inner worry, restlessness

  37. Be a peacemaker

  38. Positive traits that are developed by Agrimony: genuine inner joy, true harmony and inner peace

  39. To be a skillful diplomat a talented peacemaker, true optimist

  40. Agrimony + Chestnut bud:a person may avoid a situation or may avoid another person for fear of confrontation.Confrontation will disturb him. Any disturbance in the peace will make him avoid a situation or escape from the situation.Chestnut Bud – will avoid a person or a situation.

  41. Straight away prescribe in mediation and negotiations - Agrimony + Beech + Chestnut bud

  42. For any Skin problem: Agrimony + Crab Apple

  43. For Blood Pressure: Agrimony + Willow + Cherry plum -

  44. Paralysis: Escapism and avoidance are the two remedies have these key words. Paralysis – too much of Anger.Agrimony will have anger inside or sadness inside but smile outside: Agrimony + Willow + Chestnut bud + Cherry plum.

  45. By nature I always avoid quarrels, arguments, confrontation: AGRIMONY, ROCK WATER I don’t argue because speaking up will only make things worse: AGRIMONY, WATER VIOLET


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