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Thank you my dear home

Kalyani We are planning to visit and finalize a second-hand apartment on Sunday. The owner should offer it to us on a nominal and low price. I am expecting some financial help from my father-in-law wholeheartedly. Please suggest remedies for the same.

Naran What is nominal and low price for you? If the price is nominal and if it is within your expectations then give the money with full heart. Do not bargain. Chant “SWEET CHESTNUT, CHICORY, HORNBEAM”. Thank your father-in-law in advance for helping you with money. Thank the one who sells the house to you. Thank the present house you are staying, saying, “I thank you whole-heartedly because with your blessings I am purchasing a house.” Thank God for everything. Thank your husband. Thank your parents. Thank all the houses where you had lived all these years.

Explanation SWEET CHESTNUT, CHICORY and HORNBEAM are Bach Flower Remedies. Sweet Chestnut: seeking divine grace to buy the house Chicory (to convince to get money) and Hornbeam (to move ahead) is suggested to get the required funds to buy the house Thanking the present house you are staying – instead of blaming it for its defects, will help you to get the house. Thanking in advance (for father-in-law) is a simple and efficient technique to get things done.


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