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Testimonials about IEIT

The following are the testimonials on what people say about the IEIT workshop and the IEIT techniques. Your I.E.I.T is working very well – SMS by Anitha Rathnam Fantastic! The I.E.I.T has become part of my daily routine – Dr. Karthikeyan 34 years of my pain is gone – Patta Raman I got $100 from my son, when I used your technique for prosperity. With your technique, I am sleeping well without tablets – Saradha Sundar I use the technique in my office – very useful in relationship areas – Govind When I came for tapping, I was loaded with so much of sadness, and my throat used to get chocked. Now I am greatly relieved and I am so peaceful – V. Sundar Your I.E.I.T Workshop is working so well for me. My legs don’ts get numb any more, while sleeping. I stimulate the Acupoints with your affirmations and I see only positive things happening to me. My world is created by me – I understand this very clearly. I am sending this email to say, “Thank you Sri. Naran” – Bala, Bangalore


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