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Switchword to control addiction (NEW!!)

Life Situations

  1. To come out of unwanted bad habits

  2. To come out of game addiction, mobile /TV addiction, alcohol addiction

Switch words : Walnut Govern Divine

Chant the switch words and sink into the vibation.

Charge the water with the switch words and keep sipping it throughout the day.

To heal others, use concentric circle method, give them switchword charged water.


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Chant Forty eight count flow divine As many times as possible. Write in a paper and keep it under the pillow. Drink the charged water. Do it for 48 days. One will understand that lack of money is an i

Fight over Maternal property

If there is a fight over MATERNAL property among sisters, brothers Chant daily 108 times Durga Durgama Doshavarjitha Duraachaara Shamani. Or play the audio two times daily in a low volume.


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