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Switch words to restore harmony

When one is not on talking terms with the other,

When there is always quarrel between partners,

the following switch words will help resolve conflict

Reverse oil restore love with divine

What is the meaning of this phrase?

For reconciliation, grudges have to be released to clear friction, and love has to be brought back to be in harmony

Reverse = bury grudges

oil= clear friction

Restore= bring back

love = the love that is lost

with = harmonise well

divine= miraculously.

Who is to chant?

The one who wants harmony.

if the parent wants to chant for the daughter's harmony or son's harmony,

she can write the names of the two persons in a paper, and keep the paper in the hand and chant the switch words.

How many times?

As many times as possible.

Can the switch words be written daily?

Yes . One can write 28 times daily


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