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Switch Words for Harmony Part II

Naran S Balakumar “TOGETHER BRING PRAISE DIVINE” – if someone always criticizes you. PRAISE is the word derived from OLIVE tree’s branch. OLIVE leaf is given as the symbol of peace. Whenever you use the switch word or any word, chant for some time and wait for symbol to appear. One’s symbol may not be applicable to the other person. It’s the personal symbol for the particular word. Note down the symbol along with the phrase and draw the symbol. Then Switch word will work better for you. Every word will have its own picture in the mind. It is specific to individual only. Any switch word which is not working for you, chant and bring the picture from the mind. Along with the picture, work with it. You will get the desired result. PRAISE is very important. You might be criticized and don’t know what to do. You feel upset. Instead, chant “BRING PRAISE DIVINE”. The Rig Veda is only the praise of the Lord. Rig means praise.


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