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Suffering from Acne

Smita I am married and in my late 30′s. Had been suffering from acne for many years now. I have been to the best of doctors who even cater to well-known personalities and have spent a lot of money on various treatments. While it gets cured, after few months it resurfaces once again. Now, I have ugly scars too and unable to spend any more money on these treatments.

Naran Be in HARA MUDRA – Right hand thumb touching the tips little and ring fingers and left hand thumb touching the tips of middle finger and ring finger, and chant “I LOVE MYSELF TOTALLY. I RELEASE MY DESIRE FOR APPROVAL.” Be in this Mudra for 30 minutes and chant the affirmation.

Explanation As the patient doesn’t want any remedies I suggested the Mudra to accept and love herself, irrespective of whether she was afflicted with Acne or not. However, I have a combination that works very well for Acne and it’s not expensive.

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