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Solving mathematical problems

AAWhat should a student do who gets disturbed if he is not able to solve one sum out of 10 sums in practical papers? He also gets one step wrong in each sum. Do you have some solutions to deal with practical exam papers?

NaranWhat for you want remedies? Not to get disturbed? Or for putting sums rightly?

AAIn practical exams like Maths, if 10 sums are asked, the student solves 9 sums but at least one step he does wrong in each sum and then one sum he lefts totally. Finally, he gets depressed or disturbed by that thinking he has not given 100% in paper.

NaranIf one does not understand the basics of Maths MUSTARD flower remedy will help him understand the subject well. Unable to learn from the mistakes is CHESTNUTBUD. The combination of Mustard and Chestnut bud will make any one understand and learn the subject well. Any student will regret the mistakes he committed in the exam. Not to regret, is HONEY SUCKLE.


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