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Don’t understand anything

Isha Sir I’m studying after a long break. I’m 29 years old. My diploma in the country has no equivalence here in France. I’ve started from zero here. During the courses, when the teacher explains the lessons (economics, law and management) then I really don't understand anything. You have suggested me to take the Bach flowers MUSTARD, OAK and HORNBEAM. Among the remedies you had mentioned about memory, which one I can take along with MUSTARD, OAK and HORNBEAM in order to understand fluently the subjects that I have difficulty with.

Naran Understanding the subject is different from memorising. Take MUSTARD to understand.

Isha Sir, for my revision, to memorize my lessons, should I take DIAMOND or KUNZITE pills? I want to have a good memory, been able to memorize everything.


Vani Please explain little more as to what should be the combination of these pills and how many times I should take it?

Naran Put 5 pills of each in a glass of water. Sip that water in small quantity every two hours.

Isha I don't have these remedies as pills but as liquid. Is that ok? Can I take 5 drops of each in a glass of water?

Naran Isha, you can have them in the form of liquid.


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