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Slipped from the train but fell into the hands of Wolf

Aaditya Shah I would surely like to chalk out an incident that happened to me. Staying in Mumbai comes with its share of challenges. Boarding local trains are often a nightmare. I happen to board a packed train one morning. I was at the edge of the train on the footboard. I had boarded the train hoping that I would make some place for myself as stations would pass by. But it was a poor judgment. Suddenly, the pressure from inside became too much to handle and started losing my grip on the handle I was holding. Fortunately, I had only lost the grip completely but not my presence of mind. I called out "Wolf, Please help". I still can’t believe how I fell on soft grass and got away with only minor injuries with train running with speed of at least more than 50 km. I don’t have an iota of doubt as to who helped me save my life. Wolf has now become a way of life to me. I whole heartedly thank you Naran for sharing this wonderful gift with us.


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