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Sleepless in Chennai

Accept Myself Totally After discussing with Shobana, he affirmed the following while tapping on him: “Even though I am not happy about my progress in my studies, I choose to accept myself totally”. “Even though I feel as a looser, I choose to accept myself totally”. He started sleeping well. He is continuing this approach for other problems as well. He find as long as he can accept himself in a situation, he is able to handle the situation comfortably.


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Naran S Balakumar Tapping is good for health. Especially, start your day with tapping. It will keep your face look better. You can also chant mantras while tapping. Start your day with Vishnu Sahsa

Naran S Balakumar How to make sure we are not influenced by a situation?Situation is one percent, our reaction is 99%. It becomes bothersome or problematic because of our own mind. You are watching

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