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Should follow this with your wife

Please read the previous post:Not scared to face problems anymore:

Balaji S I travel to customer places based on my clients need. Otherwise, most of the times I do office work from home. I have two kids. My elder daughter is going to school and my son is 1+ year old and he very naughty at home. While my wife is doing her kitchen work she will ask me to take care of him. She usually says "You are always sitting in front of the computer and doing nothing at home. Take care of him as I want some rest". Usually, I will react angrily, when she says like this. However, after started chanting "THANKS DIVINE ORDER" I am not getting tensed. Whenever she asked to take care of my son, I do the chant "THANKS DIVINE ORDER" and give my thanks (mentally) for the opportunity given to me by my wife. My wife feels happy towards this change of mine, and understands my work pressure. Within few minutes, she will take back my son from me.

Naran S Balakumar Wonderful! Everyone should follow this whenever he is with his wife!!

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