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Ship stopped in mid ocean

GirijaMy brother's ship stopped due to leaks in the boiler pipes on Tuesday. This was mid ocean between Japan and Australia. I messaged you with the problem saying:  ‘Good morning, Mr Balakumar! My brother's ship is stuck mid ocean with engine problem and not able to move. ‘His engineers are working round the clock. And the company is getting upset with him for no fault of his. What can I chant please?’ You asked me to chant ‘GORSE WOLF CRYSTAL REACH HELP MOVE ON’. So my sisters, my mother, and his wife chanted and we wrote them out too. Even my brother, who was skeptical, wrote. The problem was still bad. I then got to know the specific details of the problem. The boiler pipes had sprung leaks. The fitter was getting tired as he fixed 169 pipes. That's when I called you again. You asked me to add ROCK ROSE and SWEET CHESTNUT to the switch words. We all chanted and wrote them 21 times. The ship is moving. So, fingers crossed! Thank you very much.

NaranAnything with regard to FIRE – boiler is mentioned – points to the Bach Flower Remedy ROCK ROSE. SWEET CHESTNUT for divine intervention.


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