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Shankarraya Shivatharaaya - Free Mantra Chanting

Naran S Balakumar “SHANKARRAYA MAYASKARAAYA SHIVAAYA SHIVATHARAAYA NAMAHA” This is not like Namashivayam, though this is also a mantra for Shiva. This mantra wants you to have all your wishes with the blessings of the teacher, and the Pitrus (our deceased ancestors) and our ancestors. Once you realize that your happiness is inside, it will spread around. To speak loving and kind words, this mantra will help. Shiva is the only person who makes others happy by chanting just ‘Shiva’. Transformation will take place only because of Shiva mantra. It releases all the unknown blocks, unknown complications developed during pregnancy and delivery, and all such things can be easily healed by this mantra. The chanting of the mantras is available in a DVD. Please contact center to buy a copy of the same. You can also buy online from


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