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Score well in Maths

Mansi Pls give me mantra for my son who is weak in Maths and forgets in exam. He is in STD ninth. He should perform well in Maths and get cleared with good marks.

Naran Please give him flower remedies MUSTARD, OAK and MIMULUS three pills of each three times a day. With the flower remedies MUSTARD and OAK one can master any subject.  MIMULUS will remove his fear.

Mansi Give me a mantra for my son who has to do the math problems in steps. He should be a winner in this subject because he has a very low total at present.

Naran Get the flower remedies MUSTARD, OAK and HORNBEAM for your son. He will understand the subject very easily and score high marks. Taking Flower remedies is a MUST or you can chant “MUSTARD OAK HORNBEAM” over a glass of water 100 times and give the water. Write the above names in a piece of paper and keep it under his pillow. Write “398” around his name in a paper using circle technique and keep it under his pillow.

Mansi I want him to get desired results bcoz I am really tensed and worried about his results.


Mansi I chanted the mantra and gave him three pills. He has succeeded in his exam. Now he is in STD X. Pls let me know shall I continue with same remedy so he study regularly with concentration and get good percentage in his board exam. He should also master the subject well and be fearless to study it. Teacher should also have positive attitude for him.

Naran Continue the same remedies. Add WATER VIOLET and CHESTNUT BUD. Buy all these flower remedies from a homeopathy shop. Give two pills of each one after the other two times in a day.

Explanation Come out of worrying about the results: GENTIAN and WILD ROSE Be an expert in the subject: WATER VIOLET For concentration: CHESTNUT BUD


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