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Rowdies got scared and ran away

Naran Shilpa (name changed) was once a popular South Indian Cine actress.  She had earned a lot of money. Her mother passed away and her step-father wanted to take the money for himself.  Shilpa was not willing to part with her hard earned money. So her father sent rowdies one day to her house. On seeing this through the window of her house, she got panicky and called up her friend desperately asking for help. As her friend was not in a position to send any remedies, she told Shilpa to go on chanting Rock Water, Rock Water…..loudly. Shilpa kept saying ROCK WATER from inside. The rowdies for some reason got scared and ran away. Just by saying their names, flowers come to your rescue and save you.

Explanation The magical property of the Bach Flower ROCK WATER is that it will protect you from getting physically hurt.


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