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Rhythm of Love

Rhythm We often observe (I saw in my life) that when two people fall in love or marriage arranged by parents, very early in relationship, boys tend to get physical. Sometimes, it may be by speech only. Is that a normal human nature? As I had faced it, I always carry a belief that my loved one wants me only physically. I fear that maybe after marriage when he gets me, his love for me will vanish. Is love is related with this urge? How do we know that the opposite person loves us both mentally and physically, and not just by physical attraction alone? For the readers, I am not giving any universal judgment. So please don’t take it personally. I know my question is not exactly a problem but I somehow I feel this way.

Naran Do not go by assumption or expect things in a certain way. Life is trust only. Giving love without expectation, changing oneself instead of desiring to change the other person, and not to feel dejected over failure are some of the ways by which we can manage our mind. Life is fundamentally management of the mind. It is not concerned with others.

Rhythm Actually, I always think that men want only that kind of love from me. They don’t like me as a person.

Naran A woman’s energy flows down from her heart to her genitals, she needs emotional connection, and she needs to feel safe before she is ready for a physical connection. It is the reverse for a man. His energy flows up, so his desire starts in his genitals and finishes in his heart. Women start from the HEART centre, while for men it starts from the HARA centre. This is to be understood and that is why touching his heart like a mother is to be done.

Rhythm Your last line is simply wonderful. Love him like mother. I am so pleased by your answer. If every people change his or her own view to accept others then I am sure there will be no misunderstanding. Thank you! I will try to think like this.


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