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Remove the plasters inside the mind

M Today, my 6-year old daughter fell in school and got a small crack in her right hand. The doctor put plaster to her hand. At first she was alright. After 1-2 hour,she started telling us to cut the plaster and was saying, “I don’t want fracture. It’s hot inside”. I tried a lot to comfort her. We both parents felt so bad. Pls help me what can I do for her speedy recovery. Also, for her uneasy feeling for her plaster. Plaster will remain for at least 3 weeks.

Naran Affirm: “I release the part in me that makes her feel unhappy”. “I am open and align with the part in me that brings in her speedy recovery” You can change the affirmation to suit your situation.

M (after 4 days) My daughter is quite happy, relaxed and comfortable now and much, much better than before.Thank you….


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