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Remove Last Traces of Unforgiveness

R Mohan However, much I do forgiveness exercises, or listen to ‘Forgiveness” CD or “Be Generous” CD there is always some sort of Unforgiveness present in my mind.

Naran Keep the picture of Pelican with you. Or write the name of it in a piece of paper and keep it with you. Meditate on it. You can also keep it as your screen saver or a watch a video on pelicans. This will remove any traces of anger inside you.

R Mohan What I noticed after doing the chanting ‘Pelican’ and meditating upon it, it clears the mental space of any anger within me. What is the meaning of this? Also, this helps me not to pretend with the concerned person, as one way or another it comes out of me and makes the situation worse.

Naran Continue doing so…and share what else you experience.


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